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Cultural Retention Meeting, November 2019


5:06pm opening and we start with Gathering and what was done with it. Things were fine.Charlene bought the 2 tea coolers for Gathering and that on Black Friday we will get at least one we can roll. Based on our budget we need to know how much we will spend to make the purchase.Lia said pizza to be purchased for the Christmas party. So the decision to get the pizza would most likely be either Big John’s or Carmelo’s. The things needed would be chips and pretzels, there will be the need for drinks, and cookies and Lia will get the cupcakes. The pricing for what need will be decided based on what is needed for toppings and it would be sheet pizzas. (EST. count per sheet is 32 pieces)
Activities will need to be chosen which can be the least messy. We made $182.00 dollars on the basket from Gathering which was great with the help of Ivy,Ms Eddy, Kim and Carmela.
Ivy has 3 paintings of which people can donate and then be able to put their names in for the paintings. And someone can present them to those in the senior luncheon in order to let everyone have the chance to try.The paintings will be presented tonight in order for people to be able to win them.
Linda can take tickets during work hours at the store from Thursday and Friday from 1-6pm and they will be presented every Tuesday and be put online.
New Business will be one next month’s meeting: We will do the White Elephant and the poinsettias with a our dessert and drinks. Linda may not be there so we will need someone to audition things off for the W.E.So we will need to tell people tonight to bring a wrapped gift for the event.Last year we did names for people to win the poinsettias and we will need X-mas cards.
We need to keep everyone posted as the time goes by so that every base was covered. We can start at 6:30pm the night of meeting in order to be able to socialize.
10 minutes of Christmas Carols for everyone to sing with Trinity Norwood.
Uncle Sonny spoke about the next Gathering being about the 7 generations and that we would behind us and ahead of us.  Ty asked would we like to merge it with Pow wow cause it is something that was thought of for us for Cultural Retention.
Charlene wants the shirts to be alike but different when it comes to both Pow wow and cultural retention.
A decision with Aunt Eddy, is on genealogy and the idea of getting forms to have people fill them out and go over their family lines.It may be cool to invite people like Bruce, Paul Johnson. Aunt Eddy brought up and the sign that is need of painting and Linda said we got a volunteer who will paint the sign which is over the awning. The need for paint and to possibly have light to it for people to see it.  What can be used is something that is solar powered so that we dont have to use electricity.The subject will be brought to council. The guy who is willing to do the painting is, Norman Cuff.
Meeting closed at 5:43pm

Cultural Retention Meeting, August 2019


We will need 2 vans next time summer camp comes around. It will be for trips. All the ceremonial days when the kids do their things down at the arbor, should be there down at the for special things but the parents were concerned about the kids being down there too long..

It was a decision that needs to be decided for the kids to not get too over heated. 

Charlene is hoping to do anything that can be done here up at the pavilion should be done and then the kids can do just what needs to be done in the circle.  This is something to be mindful of and to think about for next year. 

A good choice would be to cover part of the arbor for the kids.

Pop-ups can be bought for shading for the kids down at the arbor.

Possible to check the weather and pick a different day for the kids to go to the arbor.

Mentor meeting to go over the crafts as a preview for them to already know what to do during the camp.

Uncle Sonny thinks we need to go back to 2 weeks of camp time and not just 1.

Kim felt the morning time to do dancing so that they can learn.

The 10-15 minute have music on outside so the kids when they first arrive.

The camp to go through Saturday for the whole tribe and all families like kind of a mini pow wow. ( to have celebrate time on that Saturday.)

(Mary and Cindy) will be here next year for camp.

Fall Gathering:

There is one addition to the gathering and would be Charlie Ridgeway to teach about fire prevention. And that would be at 2-3pm.

The Gathering Theme for this year can be more focused on the children; about respect and teaching them to respect those who respect them.

Lia thinks that we should have a time for the kids to listen to stories from our elders.

Kim thought to break into groups with different elders speaking about different stories lines that they could share. 

Story telling will be a main topic.

We ask people to share about families members, and about the tribe and any stories that they feel they’d like to share. 

We need to be able to record the story telling too so that way we can remember.

Women’s circle is tentatively between 12-1pm. 

5-630 then meeting.

Fishing done in the morning most likely. 

3 new shawls…for the naming of our aunts.

We still have snacks from camp that can go to the kids for camp. And we have sodas.

Saturday meal would be hamburgers and hotdogs..dont bring French fries.  Charlene will go over the supply list with what we may still need.

During camp Brett and Buzz were talking the Poconos which has a museum..

The Poconos Indian Museum and Brett may have contacted them and that we could do Nov 8th, 10-12 miles from Bushkel Falls, have lunch and after the museum take all of it to council to see about going.

The coach bus would be needed. Aunt Eddy said it should be open for other, like adults to be there too who have never been there. Adults can pay while the kids can go for free. Kids should have a chaperone.

Vacation bible school for fortville  church, there was place that the went to do. They had a Lenape garden they saw there and the finger squash was grown. Tyler Arboretum. A trip for us to go to. 

They now have our phone number and it can get figured out door us to go there.