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Finance Committee Meeting Nov 15, 2019

Finance/Strategic Planning Committee Meeting

Meeting Called to order by Gail Gould at 6:40.

In attendance: Gail Gould, Romaine Street, John Wilmore, & Tyrone Ellis

Committee discussed the potential rehabilitation of 18 E Commerce St based off of estimate submitted on January 22, 2015. Including the idea of fixing it to rent it out. Tabled for now.

Discussed the electric bid. Discussed vaulted ceiling and how it will look. Discussed estimate for HVAC system’s change in price. Waiting on estimate from plumbing. Many contacted, but decline our offer to bid, as they don’t want to do new construction.

Floor plan revisions discussed. No toilet to be included, but still shown is a ‘cleaning room’ with a sink and changing table, with an adjacent mop sink closet. Plans preliminarily approved.

Open discussion for Office Manager. Romaine suggested that Gail not be apart of the writing of job description, as she is planning to apply. Gail agrees to remove herself from all parts of decision making for job description. Remaining members goes through needed additions and alterations of job description. Tyrone to type up pre-final draft and send to all other Committee members for review and comments before having Council Liason present to Council for final approval next meeting.

Meeting adjourned approx.. 7:30

Finance Committee Meeting Nov 2019

Finance/Strategic Planning Committee Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 6:56pm

Attendees : Gail Gould, Roberta Flores, Tyrone Ellis, Urie Ridgeway, John Wilmore

Building: Gail reported the electrician (Lee Pierce) put in a bid. We are still waiting to hear from Heating Specialties with an estimate. Brett will be the general contractor. We still need a licensed plumber to sign off on the work done. Eurie questioned using Harry May Plumbing.

Brett was in attendance and reported typically he is not a general contractor because he did not set a base estimate. He would be bidding in phases of the project so technically he is a subcontractor.

Gail reported we do not need to get 3 quotes since it is the tribes money being used.

Brett reported re: family bathroom regular bathroom would be $7200.00 vs a family bathroom costing $9600.00 and most smaller venues do not have a family bathroom. A vote was taken and all in agreement to go with a regular bathroom.

Urie questioned if the tribe would be pulling the permits. Brett stated if the tribe pulls their own permits then we would not need a licensed plumber. Gail will find out. Questioned if that is the case could Russel Fisher Jr. do the work.

Office Manager: A job description was approved by council , now the position needs to be posted. We can start by posting it on our own web page. All in agreement. The salary discussed was 40 – 45 thousand a year but it was questioned was that appropriate since there are no benefits. It was discussed that the person hired needs to held accountable, ie: must submit a minimum of 4 grants a quarter, attend council meeting to submit a progress report in writing

and give report and there would be a 30/60/90 day review. There would also have to be a grant included for economic development.

Economic Development: Paperwork submitted to Verizon for cell phone tower. Also, the location for the solar panels have been approved. For the apartment upstairs, it would cost approximately $20,000.00 to complete and make it able to be rented out.

Al egreed to meet again next week 11/14 at 6:30pm

Meeting adjourned.