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Please forgive our appearance as we work to bring you ongoing updates of the status of our tribal community!

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Wanishi! (Thank you)

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  1. Susan Anthony says:

    I need a way to communicate with you. My heritage goes back to Tamaqua as his daughter is the mother of Thomas Moore. When Queen Aliquippa was faced with how to bring the Natives into a new time, she agreed with George Washington that the land at the mouth of little Beaver Creek could be used as a Mission for Mission of Peace. The Queen may have picked Tamaqua because there were three brothers with very different views of how to go forward. Shingas favored conflict, Pisquetom favored legal action and documents, Tamaqua favored education and finding ways to improve their life for all of them.

    • RuthAnn says:

      Susan, I’m interested in working with you to creatively document this Beaver Creek story. Can you send sources? Feel free to call me at 302.399.1235
      ~ RuthAnn

  2. Denise Cullington says:


    I would like to make a donation in Rev Norwood’s name. I gather you have both a scholarship fund and a cultural retention one. Would you mind explaining the difference between the two?

    With many thanks.
    Denise Cullington

    • Tyrone Ellis Tyrone Ellis says:

      Good morning Denise. Sorry for the late response.
      Scholarship Fund is specifically designated towards providing tribal members who are attending or planning to attend college with extra funds to fray the cost of tuition. Cultural retention is a committee whose primary focus is to continue the education and practice of cultural and traditional ways, and providing the means for them (such as food). Such as tribal gatherings that are held two times a year, or helping to provide the means for language classes, etc.

  3. Denise Cullington says:

    … And if it is possible to put funds in directly thro bank transfer.

  4. Contessa says:

    I would like information on how to donate to scholarship funds for tribal members. Thank you. Electronic means preferred.

  5. Nancy Powell says:

    Hi, I just viewed the interview with Ty conducted by the young woman from Morris Catholic high school. Ty mentioned efforts to copy photographs from tribal members in order to save visual records of the tribe’s heritage. I wonder if Ty has considered contacting either the state Humanities Council, or the National Humanities Council, or the Smithsonian, to see about trying to get a grant to help with such a project. This is exactly the sort of activity that humanities councils are interested in. I realize that in this time of COVID, life is upside-down and backwards. But if any humanities councils are still functioning, this is a good way to work towards what Ty is trying to accomplish. Such a grant could help pay for publicity to tribal members about the need to copy photos/record their way of life, pay for a person to travel to do the collecting, and pay for something like a portable scanner to use to copy photos & documents.

  6. Mark BOARDLEY says:

    I’ll will like to know what is going on with the Tribe

  7. Jeanne Davis says:

    chief Gould My husband Messoquwen Teme was a member of the Lenape Tribe Please pray to the Creator You can reach me at 731-264-9007 Wanishi

  8. Philip Brett says:

    Cheif Gould,
    I believe that your father may have know my Grandfather and that we may have met about 46 years ago. His name was Philip Wilson Brett and mine is Philip William Brett. We visited at a church in the Bridgeton Gouldtown area with my Aunt Barbara. My Grandfather seemed to know your family well and I was wondering if he might appear in your records. He also helped with a Native American museum somewhere in the area as well. I was wondering if you might help me.
    Philip Brett

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