Tribal Council

Our Tribal Government is lead by a nine-person council made up of 4 Executive members, and 5 supplementary members. Each member is nominated and elected by the voting members of our Tribal Community. Voting members are tribal members who are members in good standing (by attending at least six months of general meetings in the course of a year, November to October). The supplementary members are known as our Council At-Large. Any member in good standing may be nominated for these positions. They serve two-year terms before the position is up for re-election. The executive members are our Chairman/Principal Chief, Co-Chairman/Secondary Chief, Treasurer, & Secretary. They serve four-year terms before the position is up for re-election.

Principal Chief/Chairman
Mark “Quiet Hawk” Gould
Secondary Chief/Co-Chairman
Lewis “Grey Squirrel” Pierce
Tori Gould
Council At-Large
Romaine Street
Council At-Large
Harry Jackson Jr.

Harry Jackson III
Council At-Large
Urie Ridgeway
Council At-Large
Charles “BJ” Green
Council At-Large
Mel Pierce