Tribal Gatherings

Unlike our Annual Pow Wow, Tribal Gatherings ARE  NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!!!

They are for our Tribal Community and Invited Guests ONLY.

Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Gathering Etiquette

  1. No alcohol, drugs, or firearms.
  2. No littering.  Please clean up after yourself.
  3. If camping, you are responsible for your own trash removal.
  4. Keep track of your children.  They are your responsibility.
  5. No shorts, cut-offs, tank tops, halter tops, mini-skirts, etc.
  6. * Suggested attire at the ceremonial circle*:  Men – “NO” sagging pants, A-shirts, muscle shirts, or inappropriate graphics on t-shirt/shirts.  Women – Long skirt and a shawl/shoulder covering/scarf.  A shawl is also traditionally worn/required when around the drum.
  7. “NO” woman should be on their monthly cycle (MOON) near the ceremonial circle.
  8. “NO” pictures or videotaping near the ceremonial circle without permission from the spiritual leader.
  9. Men/boys/women must remove hats in the ceremonial circle.
  10. “NO” food or drink allowed in the ceremonial circle.
  11. Cell phones must be turned off in the ceremonial circle.
  12. Enter the ceremonial circle in a clockwise direction around the fire.
  13. Receive tobacco in your left hand.
  14. Always move in a clockwise direction around the fire.
  15. DO NOT break the ceremonial circle unless it is an emergency. *See Spiritual Leader*
  16. If you must leave the circle, go behind the person to your left and leave in a clockwise direction.
  17. Loud and irrelevant voices will not be allowed in or around the circle.
  18. Families of the people receiving names are asked to contribute food and assistance with the name giving feast.
  19. There should be an offering given to the spiritual leader if you are receiving a name.
  20. The person receiving a name should give their name giver a gift.
  21. The name giver is asked to give good thought and choose a name wisely.  *See the naming book at the tribal office to avoid duplicating someone else’s name.*
  22. Tribal Office must be notified, at least one week prior to ceremony, in order to make preparations and have name giver review the naming book.
  23. Accommodations for the elderly and disabled will be made at the ceremonial circle for their comfort and safety