Council Meeting, October 20, 2018

Council Members Present – Chief Mark Gould, Co-Chief Lewis Pierce, Secretary Harry Jackson, III, Treasurer Roberta Flores, Council at Large: Harry Jackson Jr., Herbert Carney, Jimmy Mosley, Pastor John Norwood (Excused – attending NCAI).

Meeting called to order with prayer by Lewis Pierce at 6:30pm.

Meeting to accept secretary’s report as read by Romaine Street; Seconded Jimmy Mosley.

Treasurer’s Report was read; Motion to accept as read Romaine Street; seconded by Jimmy Mosley.

Gail Gould reported that she spoke with BBT Bank on possible corporate sponsorships. BBT offers the “Lighthouse” program – if tribe is interested in having a program. Gail suggested exploring the program for opportunities including: playground equipment, basketball court in an area behind the building – fenced off. Gail will have a luncheon meeting with BBT to discuss further, but wanted Council’s feelings before the meeting. Romaine Street asked what the tribe’s financial obligation would be. Gail confirmed that BBT finances the program and does not require anything further from the organizations. Gail to check with Mintz insurance company to make sure there is no impact. 

Mark and Gail Gould went on the Merriwald trip – met with a representative from the Delaware Bay Authority to partner with tribe to do a clean-up. Looking for a group of tribal youth to do clean-up or deckhands to work on the Merriwald. Could take the kids from summer camp there one day, similar to previous program from Bivalve.

Gail reported that she is planning a clean-up day for the sheds. Date to be announced to all committees. 

Gail and Mark Gould are not going to be available for December meeting or Children’s Christmas party.

Mail Received

Received Native Voices DVD, and Invitation to National Native American Veterans Memorial on Thursday, November 8, 2018.

Check from County of Cumberland to tribe for $1419, deposited into Elder’s account;

Check from Jay Treat for $30 – deposited into operating.

Check from Elsie Walker for $35 – deposited into operating.

Cultural Resources Survey – Arney’s Mount West Trail CD.

Individual Reports:

Lewis Pierce reported he is looking for the list of Committee rosters left on the Council Table. Next meeting of Citizenship Committee will be in December. Prepating for the Fall Naming Ceremony on October 21.

Romaine Street reported on the Elder’s grant. Confirmed that the tribe did lose the grant. Discussed the County’s proposal for a Meals on Wheels program, and decided it would not work for the tribe. Too many stipulations with the program, not allowing substitutions, weekly call-ins – and attendance numbers are growing. Chief Gould confirmed that the tribe could reapply for the grant next year, so the program just needs to be funded for one yet. Herbert Carney and his son agreed to fund the program for the year. Asked to remain anonymous. 

MOTION: Romaine Street made a motion for Council’s approval to continue with the Elder’s luncheon program with private donors. Unanimous approval.

Charlene Johnson reported on the upcoming Treasurer vacancy. We do not have a nominee to serve as Treasurer that meets Council service time requirement. Council discussed whether standing Councilmen can run, Chief Gould confirmed.

Chief Gould reported on the Lawsuit – having a settlement meeting with the attorneys. Lawsuit may be close to the end. Will look to see if Tribal Company can match Elder’s grant donations.

Romaine Street reported that Darlene is out of the kitchen. Causing problems with current kitchen staff. Asked for Council’s support.

Romaine Street reported he had received the $1400 check for Elder’s Account. Urie’s 12-night program has been wonderful experience.

Harry Jackson III asked about the letter to Mrs. Askew. Council previously tabled the issue to determine if the letter was to be addressed to the nephew or the grandson.

Three hunting letters, one request from a non-tribal citizen. Council discussed tribe had restricted hunting to our own tribal members. 

MOTION: Chief Gould made a motion to approve the hunting requests with a waiver disclaiming tribal liability. Unanimously approved. Harry Jackson III to draft.

Harry Jackson Jr. reported on Ways and Means:

$290 – Collected from Boscov’s Fundraiser; 

November Holiday Bazaar – Up to 19 vendors, plan to wrap front porch, get some extra tables. Planning to prepare advertising.

Motion to adjourn made by Romaine Street, seconded by Harry Jackson, III at 7:40pm.

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