Finance Committee Meeting Nov 2019

Finance/Strategic Planning Committee Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 6:56pm

Attendees : Gail Gould, Roberta Flores, Tyrone Ellis, Urie Ridgeway, John Wilmore

Building: Gail reported the electrician (Lee Pierce) put in a bid. We are still waiting to hear from Heating Specialties with an estimate. Brett will be the general contractor. We still need a licensed plumber to sign off on the work done. Eurie questioned using Harry May Plumbing.

Brett was in attendance and reported typically he is not a general contractor because he did not set a base estimate. He would be bidding in phases of the project so technically he is a subcontractor.

Gail reported we do not need to get 3 quotes since it is the tribes money being used.

Brett reported re: family bathroom regular bathroom would be $7200.00 vs a family bathroom costing $9600.00 and most smaller venues do not have a family bathroom. A vote was taken and all in agreement to go with a regular bathroom.

Urie questioned if the tribe would be pulling the permits. Brett stated if the tribe pulls their own permits then we would not need a licensed plumber. Gail will find out. Questioned if that is the case could Russel Fisher Jr. do the work.

Office Manager: A job description was approved by council , now the position needs to be posted. We can start by posting it on our own web page. All in agreement. The salary discussed was 40 – 45 thousand a year but it was questioned was that appropriate since there are no benefits. It was discussed that the person hired needs to held accountable, ie: must submit a minimum of 4 grants a quarter, attend council meeting to submit a progress report in writing

and give report and there would be a 30/60/90 day review. There would also have to be a grant included for economic development.

Economic Development: Paperwork submitted to Verizon for cell phone tower. Also, the location for the solar panels have been approved. For the apartment upstairs, it would cost approximately $20,000.00 to complete and make it able to be rented out.

Al egreed to meet again next week 11/14 at 6:30pm

Meeting adjourned.

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